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Carmen C. Guel Educational Recognition

Several years ago, a foundation was established in honor of bisabuela Carmen Corrales de Guel intending to instill value and pride in educational success. Each year, older and younger generations alike proudly recognize special accomplishments and academic graduations. As such, her legacy continues...


The primary purpose of the Carmen C. Guel Education Fund is to provide recognition, support and financial assistance to the educational accomplishments of family and associated participants in the Guel Family Annual Reunion. This educational support is intended to honor the memory of Carmen C. Guel who, throughout her lifetime, displayed compassion, recognition, and support towards all the members of her family with pride and honor. Her legacy is one that helps to build self-esteem in all individuals by personal recognition and support of the individual spirit.




We Can Help You Succeed in Your Education


Parents and Students!

Don't let money continue to be an obstacle to pursuing higher education! Thousands of dollars from foundations and corporations that are earmarked to support our students' college education go unspent every year simply because no one applies!


Prepare for your future: how to prepare for SATs & ACTs, tips on how to develop a resume, and advice for college success.


Grants and Scholarships: Grants are the very best form of financial aid that you can receive because they are almost always tax-free. Grants and scholarships are awards that do not have to be paid back. The difference between a grant and a scholarship is the fact that a grant is awarded and a scholarship is generally earned. Scholarships are almost always awarded based on some form of merit, whether it is academic, athletic, or community-service oriented. Grant money can be obtained from the federal government, state government, and the university, whereas scholarship money is generally from a private organization or the university itself.

Work-Study: Federal work-study programs provide employment for students with financial need. This money can be used to help pay student living fees.

Loans: In addition to private loans from a bank or other organizations, there are also federal loans. To obtain one, parents/students must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which is the federal application for financial aid.




About the Logo


by: Alicia del Carmen Guel

The logo that I have designed for the Carmen C. Guel Scholarship Fund is my effort to capture her spirit and essence. As the fund is in honor of her life and accomplishments, I feel the logo should play tribute to the memories we have of her. I have chosen a black background to represent the Heavens above from which she sits and watches over us, while she is most likely serenaded by the Mariachi. Her love of the Mariachi is represented by the three silhouettes hidden in the sky. For Grandma herself, I chose not to draw her face, as I feel that each generation has their own memories of what she looked like. Instead, I have created her silvery, wavy hair in one long "trensa" with a peineta to hold it back with a hair comb, personalized with her name. The rose, which rests on her temple, represents the fond memories to all who visited her at her home on Monroe Street and admired her beautiful rose bushes at the gate. Finally, to tie in the theme of education, I have created an open book to display the text "Carmen C. Guel Scholarship Fund" across the pages, and a diploma-like scroll lying below it. As the entire logo comes together, it is as if she is looking down upon us and giving her approval of our efforts to keep her spirit alive.


She gave so many of us the strength and courage to achieve whatever we chose in life and though she is deeply missed, the presence of her spirit is not lost, nor the legacy of the strong family bond she instilled in us all.



























How We (and you!) Promote Higher Education

 Annual funds raised in support of this program help to purchase school supplies, award medallions, and to provide educational support to students in the Guel family. College scholarships may be available upon special request. Students also visited the scholarship booth at the reunion this year to claim their customized tote bags with school supplies emblazoned with the Carmen C. Guel Scholarship logo. Donations in money or items are welcomed to advance this program. Contact John and Tina Guel for more information.

We encourage all parents to share this website with school age children and to notify this website of upcoming graduations, especially from 8th grade, high school, and college.


Help us stay on top of these important dates by updating the family census!



Educational Awards


If you are interested in applying for financial assistance for your education, please contact John Guel. Should applicants be selected, scholarship awards will be given and presented at the Annual Family Reunion held the last Sunday of July each year in Sunnyvale, CA. You are required to be a regular attendant of the Family Reunion, desire the funds for furthering your education, and be available for a phone interview for final selection.



Educational Recognition


Please help us determine who is eligible for an award at next year's reunion by completing the form at the bottom of this page or contacting John Guel.




































8th Grade Graduates

  • Angel Trujillo
  • Alexis Hernandez
  • Daniel Criado Hernandez
  • Gabrielle Sofia Garza
  • Nathan Hernandez
  • Simona Alicia Garces


High School Graduates

  • Frankie Esparza Aguayo
  • Joaquin Truman Alejandro Ruiz
  • Jorge "Chapas" Valencia Guel Jr.
  • Trinity Hernandez


College Graduates

  •  Aliana Solorzano Criado, Bachelor’s Degree, CSU- Monterey Bay
  • Evangelina Maya Ruiz, Bacherlor's Degree, University of Chicago



8th Grade Graduates

  • Elias Trujillo
  • Cristian Ugarte
  • Angelina Garcia
  • Reese Reed


High School Graduates

  • Philip Luis Guel
  • Adam Vincent Arnold
  • Reyna Guel
  • Caitlin O’Campo
  • Savannah Guel
  • Emma Reed
  • Jeremiah Munoz


College Graduates

  • Jaimie Arterberry, Associate’s Degree
  • Destiny Esparza Aguayo, Associate’s Degree
  •  Naomi Keith, Bachelor’s Degree, San Jose State University



8th Grade Graduates

  • Taylor Guel
  • Maya Elizabeth Smith
  • Martin Diego Alicio Ruiz
  • Devante Javier Guel
  • Celeste Isabella Macias
  • Celeste Esparza-Aguayo
  • Michael Vincent Guel
  • Ty Clemons
  • Diego Criado Brown


High School Graduates

  • Sarah Morgan


College Graduates

  • Angelica Marie Solorazano-Criado, Bachelor's Degree, California State
  • Michele Guel, Master's Degree, San Jose State University



8th Grade Graduates

  • Grant Cavan
  • Bella Monet Guel
  • Liliana Guel
  • Daniella Hernandez
  • Derek Kilgore
  • James Terrel Knaules
  • Mary Jane Johnson
  • Sebastian Garcia
  • Thomas John Elizondo


High School Graduates

  • Destiny Esparza-Aguayo
  • Ceonna Jean Castro
  • Santiago Garces
  • Sybella Garces
  • Robert Guel
  • Amor Jimenez
  • Nina Knaules
  • Clair Moreno
  • Justin Vargas
  • Gabriel Vasquez
  • Joseph Barrera


College Graduates

  • Nicole Jung - AA from Delta Junior College
  • Naomi Keith - AA from Merced College
  • Jonathan Vinaja - AA from San José City College
  • Olivia Vinaja Fields - AA from Foothill Community College in Radiology
  • Aaron Aguilar - BA from The Academy of Art
  • Nathaniel Guel - BA from San José State University
  • Tiffany Crystal Martinez - BS from California State University East Bay
  • Aaron Bevan - BS from Nebraska Westlyn College

  • Honorable Mention Awards
  • Elias Hernandez IV - Air Force Military Academy Basic Training



8th Grade Graduates

  • Francisco Esparza-Aguayo
  • Jorge Valencia-Guel
  • Joaquin Truman Alejandro Ruiz
  • Julian Alexander Martinez
  • Trinity Hernandez


High School Graduates

  • Brian Joseph Brakett
  • Payton Marr
  • Aliana Marie Solorzano Criado
  • Evangelina Maya Ruiz


College Graduates

  • Natally Acosta - Bachelor of Arts
  • Jose Luis Guel - Bachelor of Arts
  • Lydia Guel – Masters Business Administration



The following family members received formal recognition at our annual reunion:


Promotions from Middle School


  • Taylor Guel
  • Celeste Carmen Esparza Aguayo
  • Liliana Guel
  • Daniela Criado Hernandez
  • Graduations from 8th Grade
  • Savannah Guel
  • Emma Reed
  • Angel Jimenez
  • Philip Guel
  • James Jenkins
  • Reyna Guel

Graduations from High School

  • Manuel Isaac Esparza-Auayo
  • Graduation with AA Degree
  • Olivia Vinaja Fields
  • Alyssa Esparza-Aguayo

Graduation With BA Degree

  • Andrea Guel
  • Kristie Guel

Graduation with Masters Degree

  • Sophia M. Guel-Valenzuela
  • Heroic Achievement Award
  • Luis Guel

The following family members received formal recognition at our annual reunion:


  • Kristopher Jones, son of Roberta Galaz, graduated from 8th grade from California Connections Online Academy

  • Naomi Cesarina Keith,  daughter of Rita Guel-Valencia, Jorge Valencia, and Eric Keith, graduated from Pacheco High School

  • Monica Criado Conner, daughter of Anita Criado Brown, graduated from Mountain View High School

  • Alisa Guel, daughter of Vince Guel Jr., graduated from Soquel High School

  • Serena Acosta, niece of David and Trishia Jung, graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration from Kaplan College

  • Michael Anthony Nunez, compadre of Larry and Raquel Jimenez, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from University of Phoenix

  • Ronnie Marr, Jr., nephew of Ruben and Rosa Gonzalez, first respondent firefighter promoted to Captain for Fort Smith Arkansas Fire Department

The following family members received formal recognition at our annual reunion:


  • Destiny Esparza-Aguayo,  daughter of Marisol and Manuel Aguayo, graduated from 8th grade

  • Ceonna Jean Castro, daughter of Connie & DJ Castro, graduated from 8th grade

  • Clair Elli Moreno, daughter of Tanya Guel, graduated from 8th grade

  • Sybella Garces, daughter Carmen Guel & George Garces, graduated from 8th grade

  • Amor Monique Jimenez, daughter of Emily & Josh Kilgore, graduated from 8th grade

  • Nina Mae Knowles, daughter of Elizabeth Ocanas, graduated from 8th grade

  • Gabriel Vasquez, son of Elena Vasquez, graduated from 8th grade

  • Monique Bellard, daughter of Athena Thomas, graduated from high school

  • Aleanna Vargas, daughter of Jaime Vargas, graduated from high school

  • Josephine Mares, sponsored by Raquel Jimenez, graduated from high school

  • Alexis Espinosa, daughter of Rose Ortiz, graduated from high school

  • Yolanda Correa, sister of Gloria Guel, graduated with an associate degree from Merced College

  • Christina Marie Damouny, sponsored by Ruben Gonzalez, Jr., graduated with an undergraduate bachelors degree from San Jose State University

The following family members received formal recognition at our annual reunion:


  • Maya Ruiz, daughter of Sylvia & Rogelio Ruiz, graduated from 8th grade

  • Brian Joseph Brackett, grandson of Evelyn & Marty Ortiz, graduated from 8th grade

  • Aliana Criado, daughter of Danny Criado, graduated from 8th grade

  • Jesse Guerrero, son of Raquel & Larry Jiminez, graduated from high school

  • Angelica Criado, daughter of Danny Criado, graduated from Pioneer High School

  • Miguel Ochoa, son of Anita & Joe Ochoa, graduated with an undergraduate bachelors degree from California State University East Bay

The following family members received formal recognition at our annual reunion:


  • Raymond "Pops" Garces, nephew of George Garces, graduated from Auto Tech Institute

  • Elias Hernandez, grandson of Leonard Guel Jr, graduated from 8th grade

  • Miguel Esparza-Arguello, daughter of Jaime Vargas, graduated from Long Beach University

  • Educational Recognition 2009



The following family members received formal recognition at our annual reunion:


  • Santiago Garces, son of Carmen Guel and George Garces, graduated 8th grade from Columbia Middle School

  • Sergio Garcia, son of Carmen Guel and George Garces, graduated from Fremont High School

  • Alissa Guel, daughter of Vince Guel, graduated 8th grade from Good Shephard School

  • Janelle Harvey, daughter of Maria Harvey, earned her Business Management program certificate from Ventura Business Management School

  • Nicole Alexandria Jung, daughter of David and Trishia Jung, graduated from Sierra High School

  • Naomi Keith, daughter of Rita and George Valencia, graduated 8th grade from Los Baños Junior High School

  • Monica Lares, daughter of Robert and Elvia Lares, graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz

  • Isaiah Ocanas, son of Anthony Ocanas, graduated 8th grade from Buchser Middle School

  • Jasmine Ocanas, daughter of Anthony Ocanas, graduated from Milpitas High School

  • Crystal Ramirez, daughter of Maria Ocanas, graduated from Evergreen Valley High School

  • Zachary Sharrett, son of Hal and Marilyn Sharrett, graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz

  • Celena Vasquez, daughter of Elena and Manuel Vasquez, graduated 8th grade from Cabrillo Middle School