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The Guel Family Reunion takes place on the last Sunday of every July in Sunnyvale, CA.


Help Us Keep Our Permit:  Important Park Information

Due to the growing size of our tribe and the impact we have on the park each year, it’s becoming more and more important for us to preserve our ability to keep our annual permit.  A few ways you can help:

  • Limit “festival style” tents (1 per section)

  • Don’t bring a ton of your own tables or grills

  • No amplified music or sound

  • Be sure all trash/recycling items end up in the proper place

Schedule of 40th Annual Reunion Activities



9:30am – 12:30 pm          Volleyball sign ups

10am - 4pm                       Jumper (upon availability)

12:30pm – 2:30pm            Special Guest: Dotty the Clown!  Facepainting, balloon animals, and fun for the littles!

12 noon                             Kids’ piñata, ages 0-7

12:30 pm                           Kids piñata, ages 8-12

1pm                                   Volleyball tournament begins

1pm                                   Teen piñata, ages 13-17

1:30pm – 3pm                   Mariachi Perla de San Jose

3pm                                   Adult piñata, ages 18 and older

3:30pm                              Family photo

                                          Academic Recognition Medals

                                          Carmen C. Guel Scholarship Award Winners

                                          School Supplies Distribution


Get Involved!

The reunion committee begins planning several months before the actual event each year. ᅠThe planning processᅠincludes periodic meetings at a designated family member's home where we share ideas for keeping with family traditions and coordinate logistics. Creative new ideas for improving the event areᅠmore thanᅠwelcome.

Get Involved on the Day of the Reunion:

  • Safety patrol for kids' jumper

  • Piñata volunteers

  • Flipping Tio's famous tacos

  • Be sure all trash and recycling items end up in the proper place

  • Sign up toᅠplay volleyball

Year Round Involvement:

  • Help plan year-round family fundraising events to cover costs of supplies and entertainment

  • Help coordinate supplies, activities, and hire entertainment

  • Gather raffle prizes and supplies

  • Make sure the family census is up to date with ages for academic support and scholarship recognition, and many other detail

Carmen C. Guel Education Fund & Academic Recognition

Cecilia Mason and her family branch collect school supplies for students and Monica Lares and her family provide formal recognition to graduates & special academic achievements in their continued effort to promote higher education and to honor the memory of nuestra abuelita Carmen C. Guel. 

Please make sure you've updated your information in the family census by filling out the family census form.

Help us stay on top of these important dates by updating the family census!

Volleyball Tournament

Every year, the most competitive reunion activities begin and end with your primos, a colored piece of yarn that's tied around your wrist, and... nothin' but net! Sign-ups are from 10am to 1pm at the information booth with games starting at 1pm. The rules are as follows:

  • One game to 21 points

  • There will be double elimination (so that everyone can play at least twice)

  • 6 adults on the court at a time; but two children (12 and under) can count as one adult.

  • Games will be 30 minutes long or the first to 21 points, which ever is shortest in time

  • Have to win by two points

  • When serving if the ball hits the net you lose the serve, but if the ball is in play and touches the net it is okay, play on.

  • Children under 12 can service inside the serving line

  • NO TOUCHING THE NET AT ALL; if someone touches the net trying to make a play, it will be a dead ball.

  • NO SWITCHING TEAMS; if you were on one team, you can not switch teams because your team lost.

  • Have fun; we are playing with family!