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Welcome to our online family meeting place for the family and descendants of Pablo and Carmen Guel. We hope you’ll take the time to poke around and enjoy:


  • Info on the Carmen C. Guel Education Fund
  • Chisme and updates from your Familia
  • An invitation to our annual summertime family reunion
  • Memories and stories, passed down from generation to generation
  • Family tree and time-line projects

Staying Connected

The Guel family has touched not only their home neighborhoods, but all of Silicon Valley through their continued service, dedication, and commitment to the community

Silicon Valley

This website was initially developed to keep the descendants of Pablo & Carmen Guel in touch with each other, but over time, it has helped us reconnect with family from all over.


As the Guel family continues to grow, migrate, and reconnect online, we are reminded of just how powerful the internet can be as a tool to bring us together over and over again, generation after generation.

San Jose

Ran into this little gem again today! Where my primos at?!! ...

Keep on dancing into the new year! ...

Beautiful tribute to Tia Chelo and La familia Guel at San Jose’s Christmas in the Park this year ...

This is family showing up for our next generation of students! Thx to the first 6 primos & tios who chipped in so far! The school supplies drive for next year’s reunion is in full effect and we are SO, SO close to reaching our goal! Link to purchase 1 or 3 things off the Amazon wish list! We can do this together, familia!! #thankyourlocaldriver #guelfamily ...

Here are the last 10 years of volleyball champs… So much fun, all levels and all generations playing in the sun every year together! A definite highlight of the gathering, always! Look closely to see which individuals have made it to the finals most often! ...

Ladies and gentlemen- meet your 2023 volleyball tournament champions! Thx to everyone for playing and for the fun times today! ...

Sigh. We just love tacos. ...

Mothers and their sons… Funny story from cousin Sophie about this picture:

When Grandma Licha was sick w her cancer, she asked Angel to look through the sewing magazines to see if she left anything important. Angel sifted through the magazine and saw this photo.

When she found it, she showed Grandma Licha and then at that moment Tia Chelo happened to walk in and had come over for a visit to see Grandma Licha. Angel said it was such a good visit for Licha and Chelo to visit and laugh and share memories. They had been the best of comadres for decades! Angel said is was soooo weird though, as if Grandma Licha knew Tia Chelo was coming to visit at that moment. So connected to one another.

We had never seen this photo until Tia Chelo’s service and will cherish it forever. Joe is in the corner standing and looking at Chelo. Tia Chelo is holding Robert. Licha is holding Johnny and Leonard is standing in between Licha and Chelo.

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History, Traditions
Affidavit for Pablo Guel
This original 1947 document was found recently in the family files at Elvia Lares’ home. Assuming the document was generated any day before August 25, 1947, Luis Guel ...
Gloria’s Tamales
This recipe has been passed down through five generations of women from Don~a Anita to Don~a Esther to Gloria (Joe Guel’s beautiful wife) to her children and ...