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Ours is a history of Stories


Told over and over again through generations as a way of preserving and passing on our memories. Over time and through different accounts, the stories are interpreted and translated. See below for stories posted by your family members or send your own post to


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History, Memorium
Leonardo C. Guel | November 6, 1931 – September 22, 2011
Leonardo entered into the life of Pablo and Carmen Guel on Nov 6, 1931. He passed away peacefully with his children on Sept. 22, 2011 at age 79. Leonardo is survived by 1 ...
History, Memorium
Ana Guel de Vinaja | July 26, 1926 – April 5, 2011
by her oldest Son, Miguel Vinaja: Ana was born on July 26, 1926 in Bayard, Nebraska, a mostly agricultural community. Deciding to go back to Mexico, her parents Pablo and ...
History, Memorium
Panfilo Vinaja | June 1, 1920 – October 15, 2008
~Carmen Vinaja-Esparza~ I want to thank all of my Guel family for being the best supporting, and loving family anybody can wish for. All of you are great. Love you guys. ...