Leonardo entered into the life of Pablo and Carmen Guel on Nov 6, 1931. He passed away peacefully with his children on Sept. 22, 2011 at age 79.

Leonardo is survived by 1 sister and 7 brothers. Father of Leonard, Robert, Victor, Juan, Connie Loredo, Pablo, Maria, Arturo, Jose, Carmen Sashida and Yolanda Bennett. Grandfather of 29, Great Grandfather of 18 and 1 Great Great Grandson.

“Look closely at the picture of Leonardo on this page. His smile is warm, welcoming, and contagious. He was always smiling when he greeted you, while he talked to you, while he listened to you. He found humor in almost everything. In this sense, he took things likely and calmly at all times.

He was extremely smart in the tinkering of mechanical things like automotive, upholstery, and equipment. He once told me when I told him some car repair we were doing was very hard to do, that “anything is only hard to do for the person that does not want to do it.” He then showed me how to use a pipe as leverage extension on a socket ratchet wrench for “breaking loose” an over-tightened bolt on an engine block. The impossible was suddenly easy to do.

This saying has always stuck with me and I used it with many school students I have engaged in the learning process over the years. The saying provokes us to stop whining about life’s challenges and determine that the thing can be done; so use your energy to find the way and just do it. I feel that I saw some of the wisdom he possessed and since it impressed me to creatively find a way to solve problems, I remember him and value his insight fondly.”

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