I’m not sure if you heard this family story about Alicia Ceja de Guel (“Licha”)’s birth date, but I recently found this document that may be able to settle the chisme once and for all.

Licha and her younger brother, Lupe, always celebrated the same birthday: July 6. Their older brother, Eliseo, always argued with them that they were not born on the same day. He argued that they were both born in a remote location and were not registered right away. He argued that their Tio registered them both on the same day, July 6.

The left side of this image shows the governmental birth record for Alicia.  It states that her father registered her birth on May 28, 1932, but that she was born on July 6, 1929.

For a sanity check, I shared it with my Tío Joe just to make sure and he merrily confirmed: “I think you’re right in how you are reading the document.  I guess it does settle the argument.  Tío Eliseo would not be happy.”  

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