This original 1947 document was found recently in the family files at Elvia Lares’ home.

Assuming the document was generated any day before August 25, 1947, Luis Guel was 16 years old at the time. He had traveled to California by himself to work and help support the family still living in Mexico by sending 50% of his paychecks back home to his parents.

This is a copy of his formal affidavit to the state of California as he tried to make the case that he could vouch for his father, Pablo Guel, promising that he would not become a public charge.  He joined the US Army at 17 years old and was not successful in completing the family migration to the United States until after he was discharged from the Army at age 20 – 21.

Of course, Luis carried forward these traditions to the next generation as well.  His eldest son Joe Guel recalls:

Funny, now I know how my dad got the idea of the 50/50 split. When I was a kid I worked a job from the time I was 13 years old and always gave him 50% of my pay to help the household. The other 50% was for me to buy my clothes and other personal expenses. The document specifies that he was sending 50% of his monthly income to his dad in Mexico.”


  • Joe
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    I’m a Guel and I was wondering if we are related ?

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