Great news!  There were 6 branches represented in our list of graduates this year! ICYMI, watch this year’s celebration online and see who won the scholarship awards!

This year, we celebrated 14 family graduates from eighth grade, high school, and college.   Due to the worldwide pandemic, their medals and certificates were mailed in advance and we gathered online on the last Sunday of July 2021, as is our annual tradition, for the 42nd annual family reunion to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments.   The event also included the opportunity for family to connect online, hear how we are each doing, enjoy some homemade tacos together, a slide show of recent photos, and a game of virtual Loteria with cash prizes!

Due in part to the generosity and support of Joe Guel and his realty business, we were also able to distribute scholarship awards this year in honor of our beautiful late grandmother Carmen C. Guel.  California Gold Realty distributes a percentage of referred sales to our family scholarship fund.  To learn more about how to make a referral to this family-owned business that you can trust, please contact Joe Guel directly.

In addition, we are so grateful for the generosity and love extended by Emma and Vince Guel as well as Robert and Elvia Lares for their scholarship donations as well.  Thank you to this year’s contributors for your commitment to the success of future generations!

We are taking care of each other! If you are interested in making a financial contribution toward the family Education fund, visit our Education page to learn more and contact us!  Due to our own family’s contributions this year, each of the following recipients received $858.33:

  • Daniel Guel
  • Abigail Guel
  • Celeste Macias
  • Dillon Martinez
  • Devante Guel
  • Martin Ruiz

Congratulations familia!  Reach for the stars!  We are all so proud of you and we’re rooting you on every step of the way to the top!

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